August 15, 2017

Welcome Andrew Israel!

Andrew B. Israel has been named the new Director and Chair of the EWU School of Social Work, following Martha Raske's retirement earlier this summer. 

As a licensed attorney, Andrew received his Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University in 1982, where he served as Lead Articles Editor of the Syracuse Law Review. He is the author of Applied Law in the Behavioral Health Professions (Lang, 2002) and Using the Law: Practice Decision Making in Mental Health (Lyceum, 2011). 

Dr. Israel formerly served as Associate Dean and Interim Dean of the New Mexico Highlands School of Social Work. His primary interests lie in legal and ethical decision-making, social policy analysis, community organizing and grant writing. Dr. Israel completed two Fulbright Scholar Specialist projects in 2013 in Uganda and Pakistan. Both of these emphasized the promotion of international social work and community organizing in third world settings, and identified remarkable similarities in the social injustices and life challenges faced by at-risk and disenfranchised communities in the United States and the third world. 

These experiences have led Dr. Israel to promote the adoption of a global perspective in the teaching of community organizing in American schools of social work. He also advocates for a multidisciplinary emphasis in the teaching of law and ethics in the mental health professions. He regards this approach as reflecting the increased use of multidisciplinary team systems in the provision of behavioral health and child welfare services.

The Alliance is excited to welcome Andrew to our partnership and look foward to working with him!