Additional Training

The Alliance staff of trainers and specialists work with you to provide ongoing support once you accept a child into your home. During each three-year licensing period, all licensed foster care providers, relative caregivers and adoptive parents are required to complete ongoing training. Classes are offered on many subjects, such as mental health, child management and transitioning to independence.

Our class schedule is flexible, and we hold many programs in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. All classes and support services are free of charge.  

Resources for Caregivers

  • Fostering Together: A statewide organization that strives to increase the number of foster families across Western Washington, help families with the licensing process, and provide ongoing support to ensure their success.
  • FosteringWA: A program of Eastern Washington University that seeks to adapt a successful foster parent peer mentoring program to meet the needs of Eastern Washington’s families.
  • The Foster Parents Association of Washington State: FPAWS is a non-profit corporation chartered in 1973 that provides support and services to foster families throughout the State of Washington.

Resources for Becoming a Licensed Foster Parent

Kinship Resources