Afterhours Core 3.1 Maltreatment and Placement: Overview (eLearning)

In this course, you will learn more about how Washington State defines and responds to neglect and sexual abuse. Afterhours staff rarely interview children to gather information about the specifics of maltreatment, but their discussions with young people can help or hurt DCYF’s ability to protect the child in the future. You will review and apply basic principles of child interviewing to support you in talking with children about their overall safety at home. You will learn about the function of child advocacy centers as partners in responding to sexual abuse concerns. Lastly, you will learn best practice for assessing the suitability of unlicensed relatives/others and the importance of providing caregivers with all information available about the child.


Participants register separately for each part of the module but MUST complete each session within the module in order. Participants who have not completed 3.1 will not be allowed to participate in 3.2.

Module 3 Neglect, Sexual Abuse and Placing Children includes:

3.1 eLearning

  • Neglect and Basics of Child Interviews
  • Intro to Sexual Abuse and Responding to Spontaneous Disclosure
  • Placing with Unlicensed Caregivers for AHCT

3.2 Webinar

  • Neglect, Sexual Abuse and Placing Children: Assessing Neglect and Sexual Abuse

3.3 Webinar

  • Neglect, Sexual Abuse and Placing Children: Placing Children
Audience Description: 

Staff newly hired into afterhours, or those who have not been able to attend training specific to afterhours work in the past.

Delivery Method: 
Training Level: 
Social Workers
Course Requires Coaching Session?: 
Registration Instructions: 

DCYF staff can register for Afterhours Core 3.1 Maltreatment and Placement: Overview through the Washington State Learning Center (WSLC). For help with WSLC, please contact

Other workforce members can click the button below to take the eLearning course. You will need to create a training profile account if you do not already have one Use this if you are CWTAP, Tribal Workers, Private Agency, and Judicial Personnel (incl. CASA/GAL). For help with this webform, please contact Alliance Support via