Assessing Safety Beyond Removal: Family Time and Return Home

In this training, you’ll consider how to best explain the safety threat that’s keeping a child in out-of-home care and think about how this threat impacts child safety during family time. You’ll practice applying the threshold questions to decisions about family time and articulating to the court why you are recommending a specific level of supervision, even when the child needs to remain out of the home. You will also learn to address areas of personal and institutional bias and how this appears in the language used to shape views of child safety. Finally, you’ll consider how safety threats can be mitigated when parents progress and children are able to return home, including how transition plans can support everyone’s long term success.

Assessment and Planning
Chemical Dependency
Social Work Skills
Social Worker
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Social Workers
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DCYF staff can register for Assessing Safety Beyond Removal: Family Time and Return Home through the Washington State Learning Center (WSLC). For help with WSLC, please contact

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