Caregiving for Children with Physically Aggressive Behavior Concerns (formerly Physically Aggressive Youth)

This 6-hour in-service training for caregivers provides a foundation for caregiving and behavior management for children in out-of-home care who struggle with physically aggressive behaviors.  Participants will explore the potential impacts of trauma and maltreatment on attachment, behavior and development as well as the risk factors for violent behavior in children.  Participants will closely review the newest Washington Administrative Code (WAC) related to discipline and will contrast principles of positive discipline and punishment. Skill building will focus on creating a plan to prevent a crisis; the various forms aggression may take and how to look for signs of when a child is agitated or escalating; how to intervene during a crisis; and how to manage ongoing or explosive aggressive behaviors via teaching coping skills and Collaborative Problem Solving.  Local resources and supports for the youth as well as the caregiver are discussed.

Additional Resources

In addition to the 6-hour, in-person training, you can also watch a 1-hour video, Working with Children Exhibiting Physically Aggressive Behaviors, with information to help manage a child who is physically acting out in your home, and to help you create a safe and nurturing environment.

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Caregiver Skills
Working with Agencies
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