Coaching for Assessments

Coaching sessions are utilized to enhance a learner’s specific skill attainment in an identified area of practice.  Coaching sessions are provided to Department of Children, Youth, and Families workforce to help workers attain specific skills pertinent to their daily work/practice in child welfare.  Identified goals are created and progress towards those goals is measured by both the learner and the coach after each session. 

Assessments (Functionality and Content) field based coaching topics include:

Content and FamLink functionality in completing the Investigative Assessment (IA), Family Assessment Response Family Assessment (FARFA) and Comprehensive Family Evaluation (CFE); understanding the use of the gathering questions to assess for child safety; identifying and utilizing protective factors and protective capacities for safety and case planning; understanding timeframes for each assessment in the different program areas; service referrals and the use of EBP’s.

Audience Description: 

Social Workers and Supervisors

Assessment and Planning
Social Work Skills
Delivery Method: 
Coaching Session
Training Level: 
Social Workers
Is this course eligible for STARS credit?: 
Course Requires Coaching Session?: 
Registration Instructions: 

Coaching sessions can be scheduled in 30 minute increments, depending on the topic being covered. Coaches are available to provide individual sessions or small group sessions (such as at unit meetings). Once a request is made, the Alliance Regional Education and Training Administrator (RETA) will assign a coach and scheduling will occur between the coach, the learner and the Supervisor/AA. Written feedback on each session will be provided by the coach to the learner and supervisor following the coaching session and the coaching session will be entered into the worker's training record to reflect the completed coaching.

Please direct all questions and requests to the Regional Education and Training Administrator (RETA) via the email addresses below: