Coaching for Indian Child Welfare: Working With Tribes and Tribal Families

Coaching sessions are an opportunity for participants to receive training and support on critical topics that is flexible enough to respond to their current needs.  Coaching sessions can involve one or several workers, and may be delivered in person, on the phone or by other real time collaboration (face-time, etc).  Preferably, they allow material to be understood within a context of an actual case, and completion of current work.

This coaching session opportunity for staff will aim at compliance with ICWA, give recommendations for working with Tribes and Tribal families, revisit the Federal Act, State ICW codes and current policies/procedures when ICWA applies or is being considered.  

This session will revisit current practices in Department of Children, Youth, and Families, specialized units and steps available for staff, including tailored topics such as:

  1. Initial Intake (ICW Procedures at initial contact) 
  2. Tribal/State Agreements 
  3. Inquiry and Verification of Child’s Indian Status 
  4. Disclosure of Confidential Records/Information to Tribes
  5. Child Protective Services for Indian Children 
  6. Casework Activities for Court Proceedings – forms Legal Notice, FamLink Response from NAIR eLearning, Monthly Progress report 
  7. Indian Child Placement Preferences and Relative Search
  8. Adoption
  9. Interstate Compact on the Placement of Indian Children
  10. Local Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committees 
  11. Payments for Services for Children in Tribal Care or Custody
  12. Casework Services for Children and Families of Non-Federally Recognized Tribes and Canadian First Nations
Audience Description: 

All DCYF staff working with ICWA. From initial contact Caseworkers to On-going or permanent workers, line staff to administrators.

Indian Child Welfare
Social Work Skills
Team Building and Support
Delivery Method: 
Coaching Session
Training Level: 
Social Workers
Area Administrators
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Course Requires Coaching Session?: 
Registration Instructions: 

Coaching sessions can be scheduled in 30 minute increments, depending on the topic being covered. Coaches are available to provide individual sessions or small group sessions (such as at unit meetings). Once a request is made, the Alliance Regional Education and Training Administrator (RETA) will assign a coach and scheduling will occur between the coach, the learner and the Supervisor/AA. Written feedback on each session will be provided by the coach to the learner and supervisor following the coaching session and the coaching session will be entered into the worker's training record to reflect the completed coaching.

Please direct all questions and requests to the Regional Education and Training Administrator (RETA) via the email addresses below: