CPR and First Aid for Caregivers (eLearning)

The CPR/First Aid blended online course teaches solutions to a range of problems that can arise from minor everyday instances such as cuts and headaches to the more serious emergencies such as allergic reactions, heart attacks and strokes. This eLearning is the first of two parts needed for full certification and includes instruction in CPR, First Aid, and AED usage. The second step is an in-person skills assessment, which will become available when covid restrictions are lifted.

CPR and First Aid for Caregivers (eLearning) follows the latest American Heart Association and ECC/ILCOR guidelines and is nationally accredited.

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Caregiver Skills
Child Development, Health and Well-Being, Education
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  1. Go to the actual course page, if you are still previewing this information from the main catalog page. (This will just refresh the page if you are in the right place.)
  2. Read the following statement to determine if you are allowed to take this course. Then click the checkbox in the black box next to "Initial Foster Care License Attestation." 

    I attest that I am pursuing caregiver licensing with the Washington state Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), or am currently licensed as a DCYF caregiver, a respite provider, or am a family member of a foster family in the state of Washington.

  3. After agreeing with the above statement, click the blue Start Course button below to register and begin the training on a third-party website. If you do not see either the black box with the checkbox or the blue start button, try clicking the link in #1 to make sure you are in the right place or refreshing the page in your browser.



  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) is also required for new foster parents/caregivers that are seeking to be licensed. You can take that training here. If you have already started the BBP training on ProTrainings.com, then click the Start Course button above.
  • If you have already started the CPR/First Aid course or coming back to retrieve your certificate of completion, you can click on the Start Course button above to return to the ProTrainings.com website where you can accomplish both actions. 
Special Instructions: 

This course is available in English and Spanish. To receive your certificate for this eLearning course, click the Start Course button and navigate to it within ProTrainings.com. If taking this course as a group, only one certificate will be issued to the person logged into the computer that is accessing the training. Every two years, certification must be renewed. You will be notified when Part 2 of this course (1-hour, in-person skills assessment) becomes available -- after Covid restrictions are lifted.