De-escalation for Administrative Staff: Managing Tense Situations (eLearning)

As an administrative professional you are important, and so is your safety! This eLearning will help you learn a range of prevention behaviors that can keep tense situations from turning into crises. You'll learn about understanding where anger comes from and what it looks like, tools to help others stay calm and communicate what they need, helpful communication strategies for tense situations, acknowledging individual and cultural differences and how they affect communication, and understanding how to manage your own emotional responses to hard situations. There are many opportunities within the course to examine real-life situations and practice applying the information. Upon completing the course, learners will be better prepared to manage their own and other people’s responses to tense situations, helping everyone stay calm and safe.       

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DCYF Alliance De-Escalation for Administrative Staff: Managing Tense Situations Part I (eLearning)

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This course is the first of 2 parts to the De-Escalation for Administrative Professionals.