Debriefing with Good Judgment for Supervisors

During this course, supervisors will learn and practice a feedback approach that is respectful, supports reflective practice, and supports staff in growing their clinical skills. The approach is based on Debriefing with Good Judgment, which is rooted in and supported by the science of adult learning and of organizational psychology. We will review the idea of psychological safety and its impact on how staff learn and grow. Supervisors will learn about “frames,” how they drive our thoughts and actions, as well as how they are critical places for intervention when we don’t understand why a staff (or client) is approaching a problem the way they are. Supervisors will then learn the building blocks of this feedback approach, and also anticipate some possible challenges they might face in the learning conversations they have with staff. This course is designed to provide several opportunities to learn, practice the skill with real staff, and get feedback. It includes an eLearning, two half-day classroom sessions, and a live online session. All components must be completed in order to receive credit for the course.

Important Note: You will need to complete the eLearning BEFORE your first classroom session. To access the eLearning, click the icon below.

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DCYF Alliance Debriefing with Good Judgment for Supervisors

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