Domestic Violence – Understanding and Responding to its Many Layers

During this six hour training, the dynamics of domestic violence will be discussed including the psychological and neurological impact of abusive/neglectful environments on children and family unit, advocacy and coordinated response, myths about causation, co-occurrence substance use, cultural stereotypes, accurate assessment and effective interventions.  Particular attention is paid to assessing the difference between anger management problems and domestic violence, and effective management of perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.

Instructor Contact Information
Rose M. Roberson MS, LMHC
(509) 249-0120

Ms. Roberson is a licensed mental health counselor who has been in private practice for the past 20 years in the Yakima area.  Her work has been weighted in providing counseling services to domestic violence perpetrators and their victims, and those suffering from single incident as well as complex trauma.  She entered to field of mental health counseling in 1995 after having served as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Yakima County sheriff’s department for a period of approximately 10 years.  During her tenure with the sheriff’s department she spent several years investigating crimes against children, adult sex crimes and homicides.  She also served on the lower valley child protection team providing consultation from the law enforcement perspective.  She is a current member of the Washington state’s domestic violence treatment provider’s oversight committee which oversees the provision of domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs.  She has been a speaker for Heritage College, Eastern Washington University’s school of social work, Central Washington University’s criminal justice program, the University of Washington’s Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, the Yakima YWCA, the Red Cross, local law enforcement and fire service’s agencies related to trauma, post trauma recovery, and domestic violence.  Ms. Roberson also serves as a crisis intervention specialist for two national and international crisis response teams. 

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Social Workers, Supervisors and Area Administrators

Domestic Violence
Assessment and Planning
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Social Workers
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DCYF Alliance Domestic Violence – Understanding and Responding to its Many Layers

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