Facilitated Cohort Learning Sessions To Support ICWA Practice

Facilitated Cohort Learning Sessions To Support ICWA Practice provides former cohorts from RCT and SCT classes that are working on Indian Child Welfare cases to expand their knowledge beyond core training curriculum and gain application within live cases. Topics of the sessions are identified by the cohort members and learning activities are organized and facilitated by Alliance staff. These sessions will review current WA State ICWA practices while providing opportunities to apply critical thinking to the overall complexities of child welfare work. 

Tailored topics may include:

  • Initial Intake (ICW Procedures at initial contact) 
  • Tribal/State Agreements 
  • Inquiry and Verification of Child’s Indian Status 
  • Disclosure of Confidential Records/Information to Tribes
  • Child Protective Services for Indian Children 
  • Active Efforts
  • Casework Activities for Court Proceedings – forms Legal Notice, FamLink Response from NAIR eLearning, Monthly Progress report 
  • Indian Child Placement Preferences and Relative Search
  • Adoption
  • Interstate Compact on the Placement of Indian Children
  • Local Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committees 
  • Casework Services for Children and Families of Non-Federally Recognized Tribes and Canadian First Nations
Audience Description: 

Especially for small or unit groups of new Social Service Specialists working on ICWA cases and based in the Region 4 OICW office.

Indian Child Welfare
Leadership and Succession Planning
Delivery Method: 
Training Level: 
Social Workers
Tribal Worker
Course Requires Coaching Session?: 
Registration Instructions: 

Request a date for your group by emailing Patricia Erdman at pe3@uw.edu with a subject line of "Facilitated Cohort Learning Sessions To Support ICWA Practice", as well as a list of desired topics and other information. Dates are not set in advance for normal class registration. Sessions can be requested beyond Region 4 by way of a Supervisor or Area Administrator.

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