Family Time With Incarcerated Parents (eLearning)

Family time is an essential part of supporting a child’s ongoing relationships while they are in out-of-home care. When a parent is incarcerated, there are specific policies and processes that need to be followed to ensure continuation of family time. This training will help you understand from start to finish the process of completing a visitation at a Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) prison, and how to supplement contact in other appropriate ways.

This eLearning will walk you through the myriad requirements and details involved in these types of visitations, in an easy-to-understand way. You will learn how to navigate DOC websites, schedule visitation, and which forms you will need to secure and why. You also will review the requirements and steps to arranging electronic/telephonic contact, which are additional tools you can use to support the connection between parent and child. You will have multiple opportunities throughout to test your knowledge with real-life scenarios.

The course also covers information you will need to prepare a child, the caregiver and the family time supervisor in advance of a visit to an incarcerated parent. This learning includes why it’s important to “debrief” with the child after family time.

At the close, you will get the complete resources you will need going forward, and you will take a final quiz to ensure you have fully grasped all of the information.

Child Development, Health and Well-Being, Education
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Social Workers
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