Family Time: Relationships and Reassurance (eLearning)

Ensuring a child has time with their family is a vital part of the care plan after removal. Parent, child and sibling family time helps reduce further trauma from the separation by reassuring the child and maintaining the parent-child relationship or helping build the relationship. Social workers and caregivers are part of a team in making family time happen, making sure that the benefits are realized for the children and parents, and helping children through the separation from their families, friends, and homes.

This short eLearning will cover the role of family time in child well-being and permanency, as well as the social worker’s role in providing parent-child and sibling family time.

The key learning objectives of this course are:

  1. Recognize the importance of family time and its association with positive outcomes for the child and family.
  2. Identify appropriate levels of supervision based on safety threats; appropriate people to help with family time, and in what roles; and the best location.
  3. Identify the roles of social workers and caregivers in supporting children and parents to make family time positive.
Audience Description: 

This course is designed for Social Workers who have completed RCT and seek a review or refresher of the material.

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Training Level: 
Social Workers
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