Individual Learner Centered Skill Development for the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Support sessions are utilized to address a caregiver’s specific needs and build specific skills. Identified goals are created and progress toward those goals is measured by both the learner and the coach after the session. Prior to scheduling a support session, caregivers need to complete the class “Parenting a Native American Child: Partnering in the Interest of Culture for Caregivers (eLearning).”

This session provides in-depth support around specific topics identified by the caregiver as needed. The topics for this session may include:

  1. Understanding ICWA, regulations, and expectations state staff must follow;
  2. What is most important for caregivers to know (jurisdiction, Tribes’ voice in cases, connection for the child, etc.);
  3. Placement preference;
  4. Active Efforts;
  5. QEW (Qualified Expert Witness);
  6. LICWAC (Local Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee); and
  7. Permanency.
Audience Description: 

This Support Session is appropriate for families and tribal communities who care for children covered by ICWA and LICWAC.

Caregiver Support and Information
Indian Child Welfare
Delivery Method: 
Coaching Session
Training Level: 
.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3
Pre-Learning Assignments: 
Pre-requisite: Parenting a Native American Child: Partnering in the Interest of Culture for Caregivers -- Please copy this URL and paste it into another browser tab:
Course Requires Coaching Session?: 
Registration Instructions: 

Support sessions can be scheduled in 30-minute increments, depending on the topic being covered.  Alliance coach are available to provide individual sessions or small group sessions (such as at unit meetings). Once a request is made, the coach will work with the requester to schedule the session. The support session will be entered into Alliance catalog so the training record will reflect completed training.

To request this coaching session, please complete the Individual Learner-Centered Skill Development request form.