Introduction to the Investigative Process for Caregivers (webinar)

Going through an investigation can be scary. Understanding the process, knowing your rights and being informed about the laws and process can make it a lot easier.

This course provides licensed and unlicensed caregivers a deep look at the Licensing Division (LD) Child Protective Services (CPS) and Licensing Investigation (LD) processes, starting with Intake, through the investigation, and concluding with the report and the potential for appeals. Information shared here includes a look at the laws that apply to Intake screening decisions, how determinations/finding outcomes are reached, and what a compliance agreement is and in what circumstances it is used.

You will have many interactive discussion opportunities and activities where you can talk through the learnings.

By the end of this course, you will have information about the investigation process, including what everyone’s roles are, the outcomes, and what rights you have. You will be better equipped to handle allegations, and you will know the documentation needed to help support you through the process.

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Recommended for all caregivers, licensed or unlicensed

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