Learner Centered Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Area Administrators (webinar)

Collaboration and mentorship are central tenets of leadership, and coaching provides an opportunity to help supervisors identify practice barriers that have direct impact to the children and families you serve. In this course, you will learn how to build coaching capacity into your work supervising staff. At the center of this is the Learner Centered Coaching model, which enhances practice skills and self-efficacy of DCYF supervisors. It aims to reduce trauma response in the child welfare practice environment by highlighting positive regard, cultural humility and a trauma-informed lens.

This training will provide a foundational picture of how to utilize coaching in supervision. The introduction covers identification of behaviors that create a sense of psychological safety for individuals on your team, a must-have for success. The core of the training will highlight the principles of complex skill development in adults, as well as, the Learner Centered Coaching model itself, including the principles, values and behaviors that make up a “coaching stance” and the five steps of learner centered coaching. Throughout the course you will be asked to consider what you might do differently in your ongoing staff development work, and the individual skills you might be using at each step in the coaching process.

The education in this training goes beyond the webinar. Before your training is complete, you will have a chance to apply this information by using handouts and reflection worksheets to consider how you will integrate coaching into your work. You will also submit a coaching plan and begin the coaching process with two of your staff members. And to encourage your long-term professional development, you will be supported after you complete the course, through individualized coaching and resources to help you develop and enhance your coaching skills as you move forward.

Audience Description: 

Child Welfare supervisors in state and Tribal programs, and the Area Administrators or others who oversee their work.

Leadership and Succession Planning
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Area Administrators
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DCYF staff can register for Learner Centered Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Area Administrators (webinar) through the Washington State Learning Center (WSLC). For help with WSLC, please contact DCYF.LearningCenter@dcyf.wa.gov.

Other workforce members can request registration for this course using the Alliance External Registration form. Use this if you are CWTAP, Tribal Workers, Private Agency, and Judicial Personnel (incl. CASA/GAL). For help with this webform, please contact Alliance Support via alliancesupport@uw.edu.

Special Instructions: 

This is one course consisting of five 2-hour webinars. You must complete ALL webinars to receive credit for the course.

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