Mandatory Reporter Roles and Responsibilities (eLearning)

Mandatory reporters play a key role in ensuring the safety of vulnerable children. These professionals are obligated to report concerns about abuse or neglect, and this eLearning will guide you as mandated reporter through the process of identifying and documenting those concerns.

This training breaks the process down into three parts: Recognize, Record and Report. Through the training, you will understand what indicators of abuse to look for; how to appropriately record and what information to have; and what happens when a report is filed.

You will consider the impact of biases on reporting possible child abuse and neglect, and learn about the problem of racial disproportionality in our state’s child welfare system. The training also covers the federal requirement of identification of Indian heritage and affiliation with federally recognized tribes.

At the conclusion of the training, you will feel confident in understanding your role in keeping children safe.

Audience Description: 

 Anyone who is a mandatory reporter should complete this training to better understand your role and your responsibilities to report suspected abuse or neglect.

Child Abuse and Neglect
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Judicial Personal including CASA/GAL
Private Agency
Support Staff
Tribal Worker
Social Workers
Area Administrators
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