NCAST/Parent-Child Interaction Teaching Scales Certification

The NCAST Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) scales are designed for parents/caregivers and children age birth-3 years (36 months). The PCI scales consist of two measures – a Feeding Scale and a Teaching Scale. Both scales are assessment tools which provide valid and reliable measurements of parent-child interactions. When used in child-welfare, either assessment can provide recommendations for services to strengthen parent-child interactions, both scales can also serve as reliable pre-/post- measures of progress made through service engagement.

Participants will learn how to use NCAST PCI scales as a tool to gather pertinent information about the parent-child dyad; assessment of parent-child interactions; and intervening with parents and young children.

Participants can become certified assessors in one or both the Feeding Scales or the Teaching Scales. The Feeding Scales can be used with parents/caregivers and infants age 0-12 months (1 year old), the Teaching Scales can be used with parents/caregivers and infants age 0-36 months (3 years old).

Certification, or reliability, is obtained through first practicing, and then scoring videos from the Parent-Child Relationship Program at the University of Washington. The videos depict parent-child interactions in both feeding and teaching scenarios.

Instruction for each 4-day certification course is delivered across two weeks so participants are only away from their desks for two days at a time.

Teaching Scales Week 1:

Day 1Keys to Caregiving & Implications for child-welfare
Day 2 – Infant sate, cues, and communication & the Teaching Scale items

Teaching Scales Week 2:

Day 3 – Teaching Scale practice scenarios & begin Teaching Scale reliability testing
Day 4 – Teaching Scale reliability testing & administration/application of the Teaching Scales in practice

Audience Description: 

NCAST certification is designed for experienced social workers and supervisors, who have specialized interest or experience in infancy and early childhood. Once certified, assessors are required to complete a minimum of three assessments per year, and maintain annual recertification, a one-day yearly commitment following initial certification. Registration is dependent upon supervisor approval.

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Social Workers
Area Administrators
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DCYF Alliance NCAST Certification – Teaching Scales

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