Placing Children in Afterhours

This session provides information and ideas on opportunities to reduce the traumatic impact to the child during removal from the home, and placement into a new care setting.  Participants review policy, forms and practice in assessing the suitability of unlicensed caregivers, and then use two scenarios to practice making this determination.   Policy and practice in assessing the safety of the physical home is also discussed, including reviewing multiple scenarios. The importance of providing caregivers with all information available about the child is presented, and the process and forms that support this process are reviewed.   Lastly, specific requirements related to interacting with the caregivers of infants are reviewed, including policy related to safe sleep, period of purple crying, and the plan of safe care.

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Staff newly hired into afterhours or those in afterhours who have not participated in training.

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Social Workers
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DCYF Alliance Placing Children in Afterhours

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This Afterhours course is part of a four part series, which can be taken in any order. Click the links below to see information about the other courses:

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