Relative/Kinship Caregiving: Supporting the Child in Your Care (webinar)

You made the choice to step in and provide care for a child when they needed it. This choice changed the day-to-day rhythms of your life, and the life of the child or children you are caring for. The changes that come with assuming full time care of a child bring with them a host of feelings and often added stressors. In this course, we will explore how this experience is impacting you and how to cope and care for yourself through the inevitable ups and downs. Then, we will shift our focus to understanding the feelings and behaviors the children are experiencing. It is common for them to have conflicting feelings about their parents, the situation and even you. We will consider how to accept their feelings, respond to their statements and questions, and support them as they navigate this. Lastly, we will review resources and sources of support, particularly support for children of all ages who are challenged by this transition and need support to not just survive but to thrive.

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Relative or Kin caregivers, as well as others who had a relationship with the child and the child’s family prior to the placement of the child into your care.

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This course is one of two that are focused on supporting kin caregivers to navigate the changes in their family relationships. The other focuses on understanding how your relationship with the child(ren)’s parents have changed, and learning a communication technique to reduce conflict and increase collaboration in service of supporting the child(ren). We highly encourage you to sign up for the partner course to this one, “Raising Your Relative: Navigating Change in Family Dynamics (webinar)” -- -- which focuses on understanding how this has changed your relationships with other adults in your family, and learning a communication technique to reduce conflict and increase collaboration.

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  • Oct 12, 2021 9:00AM to 11:00AM

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