Supervising for Safety: Remain or Return Home Decisions (webinar)

The “Supervising for Safety” series comprises three webinars and an eLearning that aim to support supervisors in the understanding and application of assessment tools and integration of these tools into their supervision. 

In this training, you will first identify the legal, policy and practice guidance that requires children remain home, or return home, whenever safely possible. Then, you will practice guiding a case worker in applying the safety framework tools to their case, and making a decision about whether it’s safe to return a child home.  You will focus in particular on the safety threshold and safety plan analysis questions, which guide safety decisions once we have sufficient information about the family and situation.  You will review guidance on safety planning, and consider how your supervision can support case workers in developing strong safety plans, and monitoring these until the safety threat is no longer active. Lastly, you will make plans to integrate strategies into your supervision practice that help ensure that the safety framework is integrated into all discussions you are having on this topic.

The “Supervising for Safety” series is mandatory for Area Administrators. This individual webinar is mandatory for CPS/FAR and CFWS staff.

Audience Description: 

Child Welfare Supervisors and Area Administrators in both state and Tribal programs are the primary audience. Those who support caseworkers in their decision making in other capacities may also benefit from the course.

Assessment and Planning
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Area Administrators
Pre-Learning Assignments: 
Supervising for Safety: Decision Making Tools for Supervisors (eLearning)
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DCYF staff can register for Supervising for Safety: Remain or Return Home Decisions (webinar) through the Washington State Learning Center (WSLC). For help with WSLC, please contact

Other workforce members can request registration for this course using the Alliance External Registration form. Use this if you are CWTAP, Tribal Workers, Private Agency, and Judicial Personnel (incl. CASA/GAL). For help with this webform, please contact Alliance Support via

Special Instructions: 

You must complete the Supervising for Safety: Decision Making Tools for Supervisors eLearning prior to participating in this course.

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  • Nov 8, 2021 9:00AM to 12:00PM