Supervisor Reflective Workshops (webinar)

Coaching is an important piece of ongoing professional growth, presenting opportunities for personalized skill development and self-assessment. As a supervisor, this takes on added significance as the learnings are applicable to both you and your staff. “Supervisor Reflective Workshops” give you the chance to discuss with your peers coaching successes and barriers, helping you grow and improve.

The workshops are intended to be attended after the completion of the “Learner Centered Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Area Administrators” course and support the integration of the model into supervisory practice. The sessions provide an opportunity for peer discussion around implementation of coaching with your teams. You may work through practice barriers together, or hear how coaching is applied and supports clinical supervision.

Enhanced skill-development opportunities such as how to assess for identified practice barriers, the use of reflective questions, motivational Interviewing strategies/techniques, providing feedback and the use of tools in coaching will be facilitated based on feedback and requests made from each independent group. These workshops will also provide an opportunity for you to think about coaching support you may want to identify and work on with your assigned Alliance coach.

Leadership and Succession Planning
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Area Administrators
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Learner Centered Coaching for Supervisors
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If you have completed the Learner Centered Coaching for Supervisors course, an Alliance coach will register you for Supervisors Reflective Workshop (webinar) and provide you with the date and meeting link for the class. Individual learners do not need to self-register for this course.

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  • Sep 20, 2021 11:00AM to 12:00PM