Supportive Facilitated Discussion Group: Fostering as Part of a Team

As a caregiver for a child in the foster care system, you are part of a parenting team. The courts, the social worker, CASA, GAL, medical team, therapists and the child’s biological family all have a role to play. Knowing what your role is and how to partner with the other members of the child’s team improves the child’s care, your experience as a foster parent, and the long-term outcomes of the placement. 

During this supportive facilitated discussion, we will talk about who the members of the child’s foster care team are and their roles, and identify ways to promote positive relationships with them. This will include a look at how to support family time and partnership with the biological/first family, and understanding the role of DCYF staff and how to positively partner with them for placement success. 

You will also identify the opportunities and limitations of the caregiver role in decision-making and planning.

Over the course of four sessions, you will develop strategies as a foster care teammate and help your fellow caregivers do the same.    

Caregiver Skills
Caregiver Support and Information
Child Development, Health and Well-Being, Education
Team Building and Support
Working with Agencies
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