Supportive Facilitated Discussion Group: Grief and Loss in Your Foster Journey

As a caregiver for a child in the foster care system, grief and loss are an inherent part of your journey. You may be grieving a placement that isn’t going as expected or hoped. Even as you celebrate a child’s return home or to an adoptive placement, your family may be grieving the loss of a child or experiencing a sense of loss due to a disrupted placement.

During this supportive facilitated discussion, we will talk about the realities of grief and loss as they relate to the fostering experience.  We will share strategies for recognizing grief in yourself, partner, or your children. And we will look at ways to acknowledge the complexities of loss, navigate grief, and share healthy strategies for walking through the grieving process.

You will also engage in supportive discussions about how to experience loss and yet continue to provide a safe and loving environment for children placed with you in the future.

During the two sessions, you will share your experience, and develop useful strategies as a foster caregiver and help your fellow caregivers do the same.

Caregiver Skills
Caregiver Support and Information
Child Development, Health and Well-Being, Education
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