Understanding Family Time Supervision for Caregivers (webinar)

As a caregiver, you can play multiple roles on a child’s care team, including being a supervisor for Family Time. This training gives you an introduction to the requirements of these visits and will guide you through evaluating your own potential appropriateness to take on this responsibility.

If you aren’t familiar with Family Time, the course gives a clear definition of what it is and how you are both expected and invited to participate. (If you are interested in learning more before taking this training, the webinar “Caregiver’s Responsibility in Supporting Family Time” is recommended as a starting point.) Then you will move into the core of the course, learning the expectations around Family Time supervision and understanding who can play that role. You will be guided through what you need to know if you take on the role of supervisor, including how to establish rapport with parent and child, guidelines around intervention in visits, and what to document and how.  Many real-life scenarios will help you put the lessons into practice and be better prepared to implement the tools you learn.

When you leave the course you will understand how you can best support the supervision of Family Time, the valuable way parents and children can stay bonded.

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