Your Role in the Child Welfare System Part 4 (eLearning)

This 4-part eLearning series provides an interactive, deeper dive, into the roles and responsibilities of the major programs within DCYF; CPS Investigations and CPS Family Assessment Response, Family Voluntary Services, and Child and Family Welfare Services. Participants will have an opportunity to review the flow of a case and better understand the structure of DCYF offices and the roles of those who work around them. Finally, participants will walk through the basic parts of their job as CPS, FVS, or CFWS workers, including which policies and laws often guide their choices. This eLearning is offered in four distinct modules:

In this module, you’ll:

  • Identify the role of child welfare in Washington State.
  • Better understand the basic organizational structure of DCYF Child Welfare.
  • Feel more confident in your understanding of your role within the child welfare system.
Caregiver Support and Information
Child Development, Health and Well-Being, Education
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Social Workers
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DCYF staff can register for Your Role in the Child Welfare System Module 4 (eLearning) through the Washington State Learning Center (WSLC). For help with WSLC, please contact

Other workforce members can click the button below to take the eLearning course. You will need to create a training profile account if you do not already have one Use this if you are CWTAP, Tribal Workers, Private Agency, and Judicial Personnel (incl. CASA/GAL). For help with this webform, please contact Alliance Support via