Regional Advisory Groups

To ensure that the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence is responsive to the needs of people who protect and help vulnerable children in Washington State, each region of the State has a standing committee called a Regional Advisory Group, which meets on a regular basis. The groups are co-chaired by the University of Washington and the Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

The purpose of these groups is to:

  1. Gather regional input on training needs and gaps to include in a statewide training plan;
  2. Oversee and support the implementation of the statewide training plan in the region.

CWTAP Invovement

Each Regional Advisory Group is required to have at least one University faculty member who is involved in CWTAP. Faculty, CWTAP staff, and advisors have provided vital input to help the Alliance support preservice training and to align it with inservice training.

To see meeting minutes, scheduled meetings, and contact information for each region, click here.

Contact Information

For University of Washington School of Social Work, contact:

For University of Washington | Tacoma, contact:

For Eastern Washington University, contact: