IMPORTANT NOTICE: In response to the Public Health Emergency, the Alliance is transitioning Regional Core Training to entirely web-based instruction. Classroom-based instruction will resume at the direction of DCYF. Scroll down for more information. 

Regional Core Training (RCT) is Washington State’s foundational training designed to prepare newly hired social service specialists with the basic knowledge, skills, and understanding to begin their careers in public child welfare for the State of Washington, Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). RCT is a comprehensive training and coaching program containing multiple sessions which lay the foundation for continuous on-the-job learning and professional development critical to developing competent, confident, and effective child welfare professionals. RCT begins on a new employee’s date of hire, either the 1st or the 16th of each month.

RCT includes pre-service activities to be completed prior to the first classroom session, then eight weeks of instruction integrating both classroom and field-based learning. The third week of instruction takes place in Seattle, WA. All RCT cohorts statewide will come together for Child Interview, Adult Interview, and Court Testimony Simulation Training during week 3. Once registered, RCT participants and their supervisors will receive a detailed RCT Cohort Calendar from their assigned Alliance Coach. RCT Cohort Calendars will indicate classroom session dates, times, and locations; as well as mandatory field-based learning.

RCT consists of a cohesive developmental curriculum in which knowledge and skills are broadened and deepened, without any stand-alone sessions. New employees must complete all classroom sessions and field-based learning in order to complete the RCT course and be eligible to carry a full caseload.

RCT provides participants with blended learning opportunities, including classroom instruction, transfer of learning activities in the field, and 1:1 or small-group coaching. Woven throughout RCT are several critical concepts, integral to best practice in child welfare, and designed to maximize learning within context and with relevancy to the work:

  • Child Safety, Permanency, and Wellbeing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Disproportionality and Racial Equity in Child Welfare
  • Cultural Competency/Cultural Humility
  • Reflection and Recognizing Bias
  • Documentation Skills in FamLink
  • Program Specific Job Skills


Web-Based Regional Core Training Delivery: Important Information for Supervisors and Area Administrators

In response to the Public Health Emergency, the Alliance is transitioning Regional Core Training to entirely web-based instruction. Classroom-based instruction will resume at the direction of DCYF.

  • Alliance coaches will continue to maintain regular contact with RCT participants and DCYF
  • Regional Core Training (RCT) classroom sessions will transition to web-based delivery utilizing WebEx for all cohorts beginning March 23.
  • The March 16 RCT Cohort will be entirely web-based.
  • February and early March RCT cohorts will also transition to web-based delivery by mid- to late March.
  • RCT will continue to consist of 320 hours, 8 weeks of instruction.
  • RCT instructional content will remain the same.
  • RCT participants and the RCT schedule will account for the same full and half-day sessions utilizing WebEx. The design or flow of some sessions may have your new workers participating in a combination of WebEx instruction and independent learning throughout the day.
  • It is anticipated that a suitable substitute for “Simulation Week” will be live and delivered via WebEx by April 6.
    • Participants will continue to have opportunities to practice child interviews and adult interviews, most likely still utilizing our pool of simulation actors.
    • Assistant Attorneys General will continue to deliver legal instruction via WebEx.
    • We are working with other legal professionals to provide a web-based testimony simulation, while continuing to utilize AAGs, Defense Attorneys, and Judicial Officers.
    • Participants will have an opportunity to participate in live interview and testimony simulation training once in-class sessions resume, if desired.

Click here for the Supervisor Quick Reference Guide to RCT web-based delivery.

Click here for the RCT Delivery Model Transition to Virtual Learning Guide.


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