Gracia Hahn getting married in Canada.

October 9, 2020

Get to know the creatives, the connectors and the cornerstones of the Alliance

Editor’s note: When you work with the Alliance, you may only have contact with a couple of people, either coaches or trainers or finance staff. But there is a strong team working behind the scenes to support everything our organization does. We create, we teach, we communicate, we design, we manage and account and engineer … it’s quite an operation. We are excited to introduce our Meet the Alliance profile series to give you a look at the people who make this world go ’round.

Gracia Hahn

Gracia Hahn is a child welfare trainer who has been with the Alliance for six years. As a trainer, she has the “honor and pleasure” of supporting our caregiving community as they provide out-of-home care for children. She provides trainings in both large and small classroom settings and offers individual support sessions on a variety of topics. Gracia has been in the child welfare field for more than 15 years, first as a CASA, then with a child placing agency, then moving to state service in 2008.
“I had the privilege of supervising an incredible group of licensors before I joined the Alliance and spent a year as a coach training DCYF workforce before moving over to supporting our caregiver community,” Gracia says. “My greatest gift in child welfare came in the form of my oldest daughter, who was my niece before I got the honor of being her mom.”
Gracia says her favorite thing about her work is being able to provide insight and support to families as they care for children who come from hard places.
“Helping them to understand what the child may be experiencing and providing alternatives and ideas to ways can best serve the children and families they are joining on their healing journey is a privilege I am beyond grateful to have.”
Gracia is a mother of three adult children and has two teenage grandchildren. In June, she was able to marry her (Canadian) person at Peace Arch park in a socially distanced outdoor wedding with her children and wedding party, after spending three months apart.
A little more about Gracia:
What’s something unique about you or something people might be surprised by?  

Gracia Hahn

I am part of the Burning Man community and have been to the large event in Nevada three times, as well as helping to run a theme camp for our regional Burns. I love to wear onesies, platform boots and crazy fun outfits and I LOVE to dance.
What’s the most interesting space you’ve worked from home?
I am often found working from home in Canada these days!
What’s your most-used emoji?
The smiley face and heart are my two most used emojis. :) <3
What was your first car?
A beat-up Datsun something or other.
Who would you invite as your first guest if you had your own late-night talk show?
Brene Brown.
If you were independently wealthy, how would you spend your time?
Volunteering and travelling.
What's your favorite music genre or band?
I love anything dancey!!!
What's your favorite movie, book or board game?
My favorite book has probably been “Water for Elephants.” I do love a good game of Cards Against Humanity!
What are you binge watching or currently reading?
“True Blood.”
What is your favorite travel destination?
I have most enjoyed the island of Aruba in my travels thus far, but am looking forward to a trip to Europe in the future.
Pineapple pizza - yes or no?
The only correct answer is yes. With pepperoni, of course!!


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