Lisa Ball and her daughter

October 23, 2020

Get to know the creatives, the connectors and the cornerstones of the Alliance

Editor’s note: When you work with the Alliance, you may only have contact with a couple of people, either coaches or trainers or finance staff. But there is a strong team working behind the scenes to support everything our organization does. We create, we teach, we communicate, we design, we manage and account and engineer … it’s quite an operation. Our new Meet the Alliance profile series will introduce you to the people who make this world go ’round. This week, we meet Lisa Ball.


Lisa Ball

Lisa Ball is a curriculum developer who has been with the Alliance for about a decade. In her position, she takes concepts and ideas and turns them into concrete curriculum. When she’s assigned a training, the audience, topic and overall need is defined, and then she works with a team to identify what participants need to know, understand, and be able to do by the end of the training. She writes up the plan to bring the training to life, working with the team the whole way to make sure the end result is the best it can be.

Lisa graduated with her MSW as part of the UW School of Social Work CWTAP program, and knew that she would start her career in child welfare. Lisa says, “Providing direct services in child welfare was, and I believe always will be, the hardest job I've ever done. When I took a job in training it was with the hope that I might be helpful to others in a way that didn't have quite as big a toll on the rest of my life. This turned out to lead me down a path that's a little social work, a little education, a little project management, a little creative … basically just the right mix for me of challenging and familiar. I really enjoy what I do and there is pride in creating a training that you hear is helping people look at their work differently or try out new approaches.”
Lisa’s favorite part of her work is the problem-solving process of working through how to help people understand or do something. She also appreciates what her long tenure at the Alliance has brought to her professional relationships.
“Having been here so long means that I've gotten to know many of my co-workers well. I feel a real respect for and bond with so many folks here. There are truly great people who work for the Alliance.”
Lisa lives with her husband, two (occasionally well behaved) daughters, and three (geriatric) cats in a (very cluttered) home in West Seattle.
A little more about Lisa:
What's something unique about you, or something people might be surprised by?
My first year of varsity softball I batted a 0 (I did not return for a second year).
What's your most-used emoji?
Not sure but I wish there were more that showed that I was being sarcastic.
What was your first car?
A brown 4-door Ford Escort.
What's your favorite music genre or band?
I tend to love pop music. I used to say that if a 14-year-old is into it then I am, too. But now I've crossed that line to where I'm too old to even know what music 14-year-olds listen to.
What are you binge watching or currently reading?
I have been loving re-watching “The Office” lately. I think right now it's just comforting to have something that demands very little, is reliably funny and sweet, and will not have any massive surprises. I also LOVE to watch standup comedy and there are 10-ish people that I'll go back to for a reliably positive hour at the end of a day.
What is your favorite travel destination?
Anywhere warm.
Pineapple pizza - yes or no?
For sure.



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