A New Approach to Child Welfare Training

In 2010, the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (then called Children's Administration) invited three of the state's leading universities — the University of Washington, University of Washington Tacoma, and Eastern Washington University — to collaborate on improving the professional expertise of the state's child welfare workers and the skills of those caring for adopted children and children in foster care. 

As a unified, coordinated system, the Alliance has expanded training opportunities, increased funding, and lifted the burden of training management from DCYF so that it can focus on its core mission: providing services to vulnerable children and families.


Training That Matters

At the Alliance, we deliver training that matters so that workforce professionals can achieve mastery in their critical work with vulnerable children and families. We focus on quality, and we are showing results. In 2016, our average rating from classroom participants was an impressive 4.5 out of 5. 

We now offer more than 125 training classes and customized coaching sessions to social service specialists, their supervisors and child welfare administrators.

Additionally, we've expanded training and education for our state-supported caregivers who play a crucial role in the lives of children in care.

Despite these gains, we continuously strive for improvement. We are using the latest in data-driven scientific tools to measure the relevance, design and impact of our training so that we can build one of the best welfare training systems in the nation.


Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence is committed to enhancing the well-being of children and families through the providing of high quality professional development and support that promotes cultural humility and diversity, participatory inclusion of constituent communities, and racial equity and justice.

At the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, we value and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in all we value and act upon in our organization. We actively engage in collaborative, respectful, positive communication and decision-making across all programs and staff. Our thoughts, feelings and actions as individual staff and as an organization are guided by values, beliefs and principles that hold up innovation, quality service and organizational assessment as foundations of our daily functioning.

While we work to end systemic oppression, prejudice and discrimination as they impact all social identities and groups, the Alliance highlights the disparate impact of racism as historically and structurally embedded in U.S. culture as a cornerstone of our work. We place racism among the most significant factors that disproportionately affect the well-being of families and children served by DCYF and reaffirm the Alliance as a key partner in building the knowledge and skills to best serve these communities.

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