Daniel Estes, MPA

Coach (Region 5)

Daniel earned his Bachelor’s from the University of the State of New York (Regent’s Program), and went on to earn a Master’s in Public Administration from City University.  At the same time he has worked for the State for over 33 years, the last 26 were with Children’s Administration (CA).  While with CA he has been a CPS Social Worker, CFWS Social Worker; Intake Social Worker; Social and Health Program Manager; Social and Health Program Consultant; and most recently, an Intake Social Service Specialist Supervisor.

Daniel spends much of his free time on the stage or back stage in local community theater productions in both Pierce and Kitsap County.  His passion is directing and writing, and currently he has written three plays, one which has been produced in Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Michigan, and Arizona (and there is currently interest in having it produced in Dublin, Ireland).