Ivana Rozekova

Curriculum Developer

Ivana received her BA in Society & Justice from the University of Washington in 1988. Ivana has a wide array of experience working in private agencies as well as government agencies. In 1983, on a whim, Ivana volunteered with the Division of Youth Services (DYS) detention center working with adolescent boys involved in the criminal justice system. This experience influenced her to start a career in the social services. After DYS, she worked in Group Care facilities, specifically with adolescents. She worked with CSEC youth, developmentally delayed youth, male adolescent sex offenders, physically aggressive youth and youth involved in the criminal justice system.

In 1990, she started her career with the Children’s Administration, Division of Children and Family Services, and worked in most offices in the King County area. Ivana started as a CFWS Social Worker working primarily with adolescent youth. She moved into the Community Recourse Program Manager position where she conducted public education and training, staff education and training, and resources development. During this time, she implemented the Americans with Disabilities Initiative driving practice, policies, and training. Ivana moved to DLR, CPS Facility Investigator, and then promoted to a DLR Foster Home Licensing Supervisor. After seven years with DLR, Ivana went back to DCFS to be a Placement Supervisor where she oversaw the Placement Social Workers as well as Foster Care Recruitment and Retention Program Managers. After Placement, she was a Fiduciary Supervisor, for a short time, and then returned to the field as a DCFS CPS & FVS Supervisor.

Ivana promoted to a DCFS Area Administrator position and served in this capacity in two different offices, King South (Kent) and Martin Luther King. As an Area Administrator, Ivana oversaw the CPS Investigative and Family Assessment Response program (FAR), Family Voluntary Services (FVS) program, Child & Family Welfare Services (CFWS) program, and Social & Health Program Consultants. Ivana developed vast experience working with community partners, developing and implementing programs, and always focusing on addressing racial disproportionality in the child welfare system. In between the Area Administrator positions, Ivana was a Quality Assurance and a Continuous Quality Improvement program manager. She received her certification in Lean and facilitated leadership curriculum training.

Ivana has been in social services for 34 years and a leader for over 17 years. Her focus is always on child safety and helping families. Her goal is to inspire others to do their best and to be their best, but especially to protect those who can’t protect themselves.