Liza Stewart, MSW


Liza started her career in child welfare over 24 years ago at Pierce County Juvenile Court in probation; she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies and Social Work from Pacific Lutheran University in 1990. Her career with Children’s Administration (CA) started in 1995 as a CFWS social worker. In 2000, Liza transferred to the Wenatchee, WA (CA) office and in 2004 was promoted to CFWS supervisor. In 2007 Liza earned her MSW through Eastern Washington University.  

Within CA, Liza fulfilled a variety of roles including Child Family Welfare (CFWS) social worker, Adolescent social worker, alternative response and supervision. Liza was the lead in Region 1 to bring Permanency Round Tables to the area, and also spent many years with Central Review Teams across the State. In 2013, she took a position with the University of Washington where she is a continuing education specialist currently training and mentoring child welfare staff and community partners through a competency-based training system at the Alliance. Liza is very passionate about the partnership between Children’s Administration and the Alliance and is committed with promoting a stronger supported workforce.