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September 16, 2020

“Raising Your Relative” course duo helps caregivers explore changing relationships

Caring for a relative child comes with its own set of unique circumstances. In addition to changing your personal relationship with the child, it can change the dynamics for the rest of the family.

With the two new Alliance trainings “Raising Your Relative: Navigating Change in Family Dynamics” and “Raising Your Relative: Supporting the Child in Your Care” you can gain skills that will help you successfully navigate this life-changing decision. This pair of courses helps you explore the impacts on everyone involved, and guides you in the practice of solutions-focused communications skills. You also will be taken through an overview of resources and support options for both yourself and those in your care.

At the end of these learnings, you will be more prepared to address challenges and understand how best to support the child(ren) in your care – and yourself.


Raising Your Relative: Navigating Change in Family Dynamics



Raising Your Relative: Supporting the Child in Your Care

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