Person teaching session with powerpoint to room full of people

October 21, 2019

Alliance team shares lessons, inspires creativity at West Coast Child Welfare Trainers Conference

The Alliance team kept its eye on executing the same exceptional training as always this summer but took some time away from home to host the West Coast Child Welfare Trainers Conference from July 30-Aug. 2 at the Historic Davenport in Spokane for 100 participants.

The theme for the conference this year was “Training Today and Tomorrow.” An Alliance team of five core planners were involved in executing the event, and they were joined by 40 other attending colleagues.

The pre-conference content explored engagement-based webinars with a high level of interaction among participants and with the trainer. Dr. Jill Duerr Berrick presented the keynote session, “An Impossible Imperative,” which explored the myriad competing priorities and decisions child welfare workers must face in their daily practice.

An Alliance team presented on work with webinars and shared a lot of lessons learned. The content was noted to be helpful especially for people who were just starting with that mode of training. The team also brought in ICW trainers from North Dakota, who did a presentation around working around bias when working with native families that was very well received.

Workshop topics included making technology an effective co-facilitator, SMART learning objectives, mindfulness, adapting experiential-based learning into online training, supporting military personnel in child welfare, learned lessons from webinar presentations, cultural responsiveness, Indian Child Welfare, and the power of play.

The team members also got to share a different part of their creative side, hosting an appetizers-and-drinks event at hotel, where Alliance curriculum developer Francis Cacalda and CWTAP Tacoma field staff performed music and hula dancing.

The conference set the stage for even more successful events in the future, and the Alliance will continually strive to fulfill its value proposition to support and inspire social workers and caregivers in their monumentally important work.