Alliance Webinars for Caregivers!

In order to better meet the needs of caregivers statewide, the Alliance has continued to focus efforts to develop and implement Webinar-based training. This training format is a live on-line training process. It allows caregivers to participate in training in their home or other chosen environment, avoiding the need to travel and reducing or eliminating the need for childcare. 

We now have two webinars available! See below for details 

Kinship 101 

The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence offers a course for relatives and other closely connected adults caring for children who need a safe place to live. Kinship Care 101 addresses the specific needs of licensed or unlicensed caregivers involved with the Children’s Administration by focusing on:

  • Navigating the child welfare system.
  • Managing emotional, legal, and financial issues.
  • Accessing resources and services.

So You Have a New Placement...Now What?

This webinare for caregivers is intended for those who are ready for, or have received their first placement, or have a new placement after some time without placements. The course focuses on understanding and planning for new placements. The course addresses both the emotional elements to new placements and the practical details of requirements, paperwork, forms and expectations.