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August 26, 2019

DCYF licensed social workers can receive continuing education credits

The Alliance will offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for classroom and webinar courses offered to the child welfare workforce who are licensed through the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) as a:

  •        Licensed Advanced Social Worker, or
  •        Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, or
  •        Associate-Advanced and Independent Clinical Social Worker.

Alliance training CECs count toward “agency sponsored” training where the social worker is employed. The number of “agency sponsored” credit hours is limited to 26 hours of the required 36 hours per reporting period (every two years). CECs are limited to classroom and webinar courses at this time. The number of CEC hours is equal the number of classroom hours so no math is needed!

The individual licensed social worker is responsible for tracking and reporting their CECs to the DOH every two years. The documentation of the CECs can be printed from the individual’s transcript in LMS and are listed at the end of the LMS course description for all classroom and webinar courses.

For more information about the licensing and continuing education requirements, check these resources: