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April 28, 2020

Develop strategies for fulfilling virtual family time in new eLearning

“Family Time — Supportive Virtual Family Time Program and Training” is a new eLearning focused on how to provide valuable and productive family time in a virtual environment. It is focused on providing skills to providers of supervised visitation, as well as child welfare workers who want to support providers and learn more about how to facilitate family time virtually.

Family Time is a vital part of the care plan for a child after removal, and is fundamental to reducing further trauma. This central goal is “togetherness,” and while that might look very different during the Shelter in Place order than earlier this year, it is still possible to create those feelings between parent and child(ren). 

In the “Supportive Virtual Family Time Program and Training,” learners will develop strategies for connecting with case workers, parents and caregivers to get the most out of these valuable visits. The training provides structured support on how to prepare all parties, including children, in advance of the visit, how to support and supervise during the visit, and how to debrief effectively after the visit. The training is an exceptionally well-rounded, strengths-based look at all the pieces of virtual visitation, taking into account the emotions that may come up given restrictions around contact, offering worksheets to help parties prepare, suggesting routines and activities for visits, and more. 


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