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October 29, 2019

Emerging Needs coaching session gives caregivers individualized support

The Alliance offers myriad trainings around educating caregivers on topics like child development, managing behavior challenges, and safety, but one of its most versatile offerings is the Individual Learner Centered Skill Development for Emerging Caregiver Needs. This coaching session provides in-depth support around specific topics identified by the caregiver as needed. It aims to build specific skills, keeping education individualized and built around the caregiver.

The topics covered may include:

  1. Understanding the child welfare system, regulations, expectations, and how to navigate available resources;
  2. Navigating crisis;
  3. Understanding and supporting child development;
  4. Effective communication (with birth parents, extended family, social workers, and the child in your home); and
  5. Self-care, secondary trauma, and healing.

To learn more about this type of coaching, visit the Alliance’s catalog here!


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