Group of teenagers walk up the stairs

December 31, 2020

Learn about teens' unique needs in new course series

Developing an understanding of the underlying causes of a youth’s behavior is one of the first steps in supporting their well-being. For children with behavioral challenges, this is especially important. Our new seven-part course “Parenting Teens” takes a dive into trauma-informed parenting, with each session focusing on a different aspect of behavior, relationships and more.

This multimedia-driven series will expose you to a variety of composites of youths and you will learn how events can affect long-term behaviors. Key learnings include how to transition this information into real-life parenting situations, including how to get to a place where you can understand the “why” behind the behavior.

The “Parenting Teens” series comprises seven sessions for prospective and current foster, adoptive, kinship and guardian parents who are or will be raising older children from foster care who have moderate to severe emotional and behavioral challenges. Courses must be taken in order. There are three tracks planned for winter/spring.


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