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April 30, 2020

Learn de-escalation skills vital to crisis management in new course

For administrative professionals, the ability to assess, manage and defuse tense situations is central to the position. Many are the first interaction an office will have with a member of the public, and others are central to contacts between staff and clients. The new two-part eLearning, “De-Escalation for Administrative Professionals,” supports these professionals’ ability to handle these situations with real-life scenarios and strategies.

Broken into a pair of eLearnings, “De-Escalation” first offers a range of tools and preventive behaviors that help administrative professionals manage low-level tense situations. Key learnings are provided around understanding emotions, both in oneself and in others; appropriately acknowledging how individual differences affect communication; and an overview of communications strategies that help in managing challenges. In the second training, the seriousness of the scenarios is upleveled, and key learnings are shared around defining a crisis, and stay-safe strategies that help the administrative professional deal with threats. Both are anchored by real-life walkthroughs that mirror situations the learner may be faced with.

While these courses are designed for administrative professionals, anyone working at DCYF, including caseworkers and their supervisors, can find plenty here that will apply to their role.


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