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November 12, 2020

Learn new ways to help child preserve memories

Without memories, how do you understand who you are? These slices of life are tied to emotions, learning and growth, and help us maintain connections to our personal history and life story.

Often we use tools like photographs or stories or memorabilia to recall feelings or look back on events. The new training “Honoring Their History: Memory Preservation for Children in Care” focuses on how to support a child’s well-being through the recording of memories and other parts of their life during their time away from their family.

This webinar introduces the idea of memory preservation as central to a child’s welfare, because it provides many benefits to emotional and mental health. You will be guided through how to start the process and the different methods of preservation, and will be encouraged to think about which would work best for you and your family. You also will explore a variety of ways to gather information from both the child and other important adults in the child’s life.

At the close of this training, you will have an individual plan for documenting and preserving memories in a way that honors the child’s past and present.


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