Man holding infant child.

December 21, 2020

Learn or refresh skills around caring for an infant

Caring for an infant is uniquely challenging, requiring a caregiver to be an interpreter, project manager and culinary expert, all with the endurance of a marathon runner. The training “Infant Safety and Care for Caregivers” will get you on your way to succeeding at all of these things by guiding you through the fundamentals of how to care for and keep safe babies up to 12 months old.

This training begins with an overview of the basics of understanding infant cues, with multiple examples you can apply in real world situations. Cues are important to be able to read because responding to them can support the infant’s long-term ability to self-regulate, build trust and attach. The course also takes a deep look at day-to-day care, showing you how to hold, diaper and feed an infant, and what to know about sleep practices and medical care, while considering how trauma (including drug exposure) may impact how you provide care in these areas.

You will spend a lot of time talking about safety, too. Infants are incredibly vulnerable, and you will walk through scenarios highlighting potential harm and learn how to navigate them safely. Special focus is placed on sleep, including environmental considerations and professional recommendations.

As a caregiver, you have special considerations to keep in mind, including working with birth parents, respecting cultural practices and abiding by state laws and policies. These themes are woven through the course, and they likewise touch all activities you engage in with the infant. This all can be complex, especially alongside simply caring for the infant, and you will learn strategies for self-care to help you manage the demands in a healthy and positive way.


The Alliance has multiple trainings available to support your ongoing education around infant care.


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