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May 19, 2020

Learn to understand and manage sexual behavior concerns in new training

“Caregiving for Children With Sexual Behavior Concerns” is a brand new course focused on an essential topic that has just been released as an eLearning. Mandatory for caregivers and available for workforce, this learning covers how to manage concerns effectively, safely and positively.

In this training, you will do some internal reflection and explore how your own feelings might impact your view of certain behaviors. Beyond that, you will learn about typical childhood sexual development, the impact of trauma on that development, and how to examine behavior and respond or intervene as needed. As a caregiver, you will learn your role in promoting healthy sexual development, positive messaging, prevention education, the importance of establishing house rules and other ideas to maintain safety for the whole household.

At the conclusion of the training, you will be prepared to create an environment where the child and other household members will feel safe.


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