Woman watching class on her smartphone

Mobile learning encourages caseworkers to ask questions

Child welfare work requires assessment, planning, implementation/action and evaluation of progress. All of these steps, but in particular assessment, require curiosity. Often, missteps and failures come down to a lack of curiosity, the failure to ask the next question in the pursuit of understanding and knowledge to strengthen your assessment of the family and the situation. The new Alliance training “Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat” focuses on building this skill that’s used very frequently in social work.

The training is easily accessible in the Mobile Learning (m-learning) format. It serves social workers’ on-the-go professional lifestyles to offer learning content on mobile devices, such as phones. The Rise platform used for Alliance eLearnings is perfect for m-learning because it adapts/frames the content to the device you are using to access it. It’s also a very simple learning to take because it doesn’t require a login – just click and you’re ready to go.

The Alliance is working to build out more and more eLearnings so be sure to check our catalog frequently to see what’s new.

Check out the “Curiosity” mobile learning here!