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April 22, 2020

New Afterhours Core Training release includes transition to webinar

The Alliance is excited to now offer a newly updated version of the vital Afterhours Core Training series, focused specifically on the needs of this group of social workers.

This group of staff respond to highly complex and dangerous situations, and often do so with minimal resources for assessment and response. This training aims to give them support to meet those challenges.

The Core Training is broken down into four modules: Child Safety; Physical Abuse; Maltreatment and Placement; and Caring for Children. Each module can be taken independently as long as its courses are completed in order. Each module’s first course is an eLearning followed by two webinars, the first time in that modality. This conversion makes Afterhours Core Training an especially relevant and efficient opportunity for the workforce given the current restrictions around practice.

Here is an overview of the modules:


1.1 Child Safety: Defining Abuse, Neglect, and Child Safety: Learn definitions of child abuse and neglect used in Washington State, as well as obligation to report suspected child maltreatment.

1.2 Child Safety: Identifying Present Danger: This course focuses on the idea of “present danger” and how to apply that concept to many scenarios, building a robust understanding of what is and isn’t present danger.

1.3 Child Safety: Protective Actions: Learn how protective actions help ensure the safety of children in present danger. 


2.1 Physical Abuse: Critical Community Partners: Learn more about how we define and respond to physical abuse in Washington State, and learn about a program connecting DCYF staff to local physicians with expertise in child maltreatment (MedCon).

2.2 Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries: Learn to identify injuries that tend to be seen prior to, or along with, serious physical abuse, as well as injuries that are more common in childhood and don’t typically raise concern for abuse. 

2.3 Physical Abuse: Serious Physical Abuse: Learn about indicators and dynamics of serious physical abuse, which produces injuries that require medical care and can cause long-term consequences or death. 


3.1 Maltreatment and Placement: Overview: Learn more about how defining and responding to neglect and sexual abuse in Washington State. 

3.2 Maltreatment and Placement: Neglect and Sexual Abuse: Both neglect and sexual abuse can be difficult to identify. This course practices distinguishing between medical child abuse, medical neglect, starvation and failure to thrive. 

3.3 Maltreatment and Placement: Trauma Informed Placements: Afterhours staff respond in crises and emergencies – situations that are likely to be traumatic for everyone involved.  This course covers ways to reduce the traumatic impact of removal from the home and placement into a new care setting. 


4.1 Caring for Children: Car Seats, Worker Safety and ICWA: Afterhours staff spend lots of time driving with and caring for children. This course covers how to select, install, and fit a car seat correctly in this course. 

4.2 Caring for Children: Trauma Informed Care and Following ICWA: This course reviews several principles of trauma-informed care and considers how these apply to routine interactions with children awaiting placement. 

4.3 Caring for Children: Worker Safety, Documentation, and Infants: Learn to identify and discuss possible worker safety threats, both in homes and while supervising youth, and options to promote everyone’s safety. 

Classes are being scheduled now for webinar sessions, so click into each course for more information on how to register.


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