Child maturing into an adult.

November 24, 2020

New training helps you support youths’ transition to adulthood

There are so many pieces to being an “adult” that you gather over the years. Eventually you’re able to shop for groceries, do laundry and get your oil changed without fully realizing where those lessons came from. The new eLearning “Preparing Youth for Transitioning to Adulthood” more formally lays out that process by giving you a quick overview of how to set up youth for success with essential support and skills as they grow.

This 30-minute course first highlights the impacts of foster care and childhood trauma on youths and barriers they may face because of these factors. You also will be guided through learning about the rights of youth in care and how you are responsible for ensuring these rights are honored. Part of your role in the youth’s care team is understanding who the other players are and how they all connect. This training introduces a variety of roles and touches on ways they interact, including meetings.

This course also takes a fun look at the opportunities you might not realize can be teaching moments, such as cooking together or making a budget. These activities in your home and community are central to launching into adulthood.

At the close of the course, you will be prepared to provide a great foundation from which the youth can continue to learn and engage in the world. 


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