December 16, 2019

Supervisors' needs addressed by variety of Alliance courses

The Alliance is committed to offering ongoing opportunities for education and development for the child welfare workforce. The course selections for supervisors are curated by experts to fill emerging needs and standard educational requirements.

The foundational training of Supervisor Core Training (SCT) is just the starting point for options for supervisors. While that series pulls together a wide variety of topics and skills, there are many trainings to explore after it ends.

Beyond SCT, supervisors can learn valuable leadership skills in Supervisor Readiness. This course covers the three necessary components and strategies that impact performance. It also outlines the theory that supervisor readiness for any task is determined by the supervisor’s ability and willingness.

Going deeper into a more specific area of development is the Advanced Microaggressions course. In this workshop supervisors and managers will develop their skills for engaging across culture when tension exists. Discussions will explore intent vs. impact, how implicit bias can affect decision making in determining outcomes and unpack dynamics between employees when conflict exists. This multimedia and interactive course is a great opportunity for engaging with and learning from colleagues and experts.

The newest addition to the collection is Coaching for Supervisors. These one-on-one professional development opportunities are an essential element in supporting the daily work supervisors do with their units and staff. Sessions can be scheduled in 30-minute intervals and can cover a variety of supervisor-specific topics.

These are just a couple of highlights in the trainings offered for supervisors. Check them all out in our catalog here!